Valentine’s Day Fundraisers: Some Great Ideas!

Here are some great ideas for Valentine’s Day fundraisers. We can certainly use this great holiday to lend a helping hand to some causes we support!

Candy Grams for Good

There are a number of great plants and trees, and similar flowers are used to create stamps of cards and fundraisers. Take chocolate or other seasonal sweets that benefit your organization, and then fill them with flowers, candles, or a variety of other gifts. The holidays are coming soon with Christmas gifts and the gift season, but what a great gift to serve! Help a family, adopt a polar bear on behalf of humans, or help a child in need of a new home, shelter, food, or medical care.

Premium e-Cards

Have people donate to your cause or make sure that Gretchen Wieners gets one for you (she is the founder of the organization).

A few years ago, spread a Valentine’s Day fundraisers message on Snapchat in which a member of staff dressed as Cupid and sent the phone a love message instead of a prank. A double number could lead you to create a brand card that your audience can download and send to friends and family to spread the message. If you have a celebrity affiliate tool like Charitybuzz, you can auction videos of your celebrity greetings. Create a tool created by celebrities with a dial-up function and create brand cards for your target audience that can be downloaded by the audience and sent to your friends or family to spread your messages.

Galentine’s Day

Try using a tool like Canvas Card Maker to create a brand card for your target audience with dial and double the number for the message.

Take a page from Leslie Knope and create a fun engagement for Galentine’s Day on February 13. Create an activity for the day that you can mark and own on your day and share with your friends and family. It’s just the best day of the year, so create some fun engagements on GalENTINE’S Day, February 12, or create an event for February 14 or 15 that can be marked and owned all day long. On February 13, friends leave their husbands and wives at home and just throw them out of their coming-out party for a night.

Put your organization on Tinder 

This year you can also donate to the charity Galentiner Day of your choice on February 14 or 15, or on February 15 or 16.

I’m afraid of Lilith Fair, and we’re asking our audience to make an organization their Valentine’s Day fundraisers and send it to a voter. We create temporary brand tattoos because the tattoos you get for your loved ones sometimes shouldn’t last forever. Make sure you create a design with a date and stamp so that it can be reused as a tool the next year.

Central Park has been the arena for numerous fundraisers!

March looks promising!

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