Unique Pizzerias in the New York State

A good pizza isn’t only in Italy! There are some unique pizzerias in the New York State that serve excellent pizza with unique recipes and superb ingredients!

Caffé Rustica

If you want to shake things up, let’s put rivalries aside and admit that the Chicago style is seriously delicious. Next time you visit Lake Placid, do yourself a favor and drive down to this hidden gem called Caffe Rustica.

The star of the show is the pizza, whose crust is cooked perfectly crispy in the wood-burning oven. The menu offers everything from freshly made sausages and meatballs in-house to a wide selection of pizza toppings, but the best pizza of all, Chicago-style.


There are so many reasons why this little Troy eatery is a favorite of pizza fanatics, starting with the crust. You can choose from seven types of dough, including one made from locally produced brown algae, and you can see why it’s considered one of the best in New York. Add plenty of toppings and quality cheese and there’s so much more on the menu.

Wood Boat Brewery

For the more adventurous, try the BLT pizza or the Reuben pizza, both served with a variety of toppings such as bacon, cheese, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and basil. There is also a seasonal museum of antique boats, a great place to explore before, during, and after the pizza season. When you are in the mountains, there is nothing better than eating food prepared over an open fire. Overlooking the beautiful St. Lawrence River in Clayton, you’ll find craft beers that blend perfectly with the wood – burnt pizzas.

Oakley’s Place

If you’re coming to Oakley or any of these Catskills, make sure you get one of their special beers, such as the Blue Dog or Black Dog.

The outdoor seating is also great for enjoying nature and not getting too distracted by the delicious pizza. The huge wood-burning oven offers 20 different toppings that can be served on the cake, along with homemade tomato sauce.

Little Vincent’s

Cold Cheese Pizza is a regular cheese pizza topped with a mound of cold, unmelted, shredded mozzarella. The crispy crust makes a pizza great, but what makes it go from great to extraordinary is one ingredient: cheese. Little Vincent’s is a little different from most pizzerias in the area, with its own unique take on the classic pizza.

Melty meets crunchy meets melty meets chewy, and it’s the perfect combination for a cold cheese pizza, no matter what you eat.


These unique pizzerias in the New York State serve some superb pizza. Some dishes can be found only there!

These places are closed for now. But our favorite Central Park is always open!

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