Places That Are Currently Closed in New York

We miss the pre-pandemic times. Many places were forced to shut down. Here are the best places that are currently closed in New York due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

House of Yes

It is an iconic space, where you feel like the protagonist in your own story, a feeling we missed. We missed the acrobats and swirling entertainers who writhe down to rousing music and yearn for everything that is happening around us. It was a long year in which we would have stopped dancing with strangers dressed as sparkling aliens and scantily clad beings. This is one of those iconic places where we felt like protagonists in our own stories, and we miss that feeling.

The dance floor at Nowadays

These days we certainly love outdoor facilities, but what we’re missing at the moment is the dance floor. There is nothing like dancing, and we love the feeling of being in the moment, not only with our friends, but also with the people around us.

Al Hirschfeld Theatre

Before the pandemic shut down Broadway, Moulin Rouge transformed the Al Hirschfeld Theater into a shining, magnificent model of a Paris nightclub. The theatre has hosted many of our favourite shows, including “How to Really Succeed in Business” and “Try” by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. These shows were really spectacular, spectacular and sold out regularly, and they are still very much alive and well today.

The Frick’s Garden court

There are so many memories in this room and we want to make a lot more of them here, but we have to wait and see.

Hidden in the heart of the museum, this special room is decorated with vaulted ceilings that let in natural sunlight. There are few places that radiate such a peaceful atmosphere as the gardens and courtyards surrounding the Frick Collection. Unfortunately, we will not be able to return to this space in a few years, but we miss the peace that comes when you enter this room and watch artists learn and draw in their own garden spaces.

The Frick is moving into the former Whitney Museum on Madison Avenue to renovate its 79th Street property. We had to rely on a 3D tour of the room to somehow find a solution, but we did it.

Grand Central Terminal

We have been featured in so many films and television shows that, once you step into the vastness of this iconic space, you feel part of your legend. We missed it because many of us don’t commute to and from the office, but we feel for New Yorkers when we pass these crowded terminals, even if we didn’t always notice it.


It is everything you would expect, with patrons dedicated to the support of the owner, bartender, manager and namesake,

We missed the nights when Lucy created this space for us when we were just hanging out, and that means a lot these days. We want our East Village ghosts to be authentic, but we’re in the big city, so we miss the night – when we just – hang out.


These are the places that are currently closed in New York. However, Central Park is open!

Sometimes we need an escape!

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