You say it is a beautiful day, perhaps even miserable, and you tell me that you want to see art. Maybe you are one of those people that everyone raves about, or maybe you just wanted to wander through their respective collections. Here are the free museums in New York.

American Folk Art Museum

After all, it’s the best of both worlds, but some of them are expensive to get to, others not so much. If you live or visit New York City, you should be aware that institutions (and many more) are at your disposal when you call for them.

Asia Society

Most museums in New York expect you to shell out $25 or more to get in, and while that’s not much compared to tickets for a Broadway show, you should count it in your head if you live here or are a regular museum visitor. New Orleans, for example, hosts some of the largest publicly funded museums, which is a shame, since most of the wages are paid for food and rent.

Granted, there are discounts for senior and student memberships that allow you to join for free if you are willing to pay for an annual subscription.

However, there are alternatives, and most museums offer free hours a day, so you don’t have to pay for what you want. If you’re a resident of upstate New York, you can struggle to get a ticket to one of these free museums in the state, let alone the entire state.

If not, don’t worry, we know where and when they are, so you know what to look out for and where to stay when.

Bronx Museum of the Arts

Free First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum are not only a great way to see art, but also a great opportunity for family-friendly activities like art and music. There is also an art gallery, a children’s museum and a museum for children and young adults, so you have everything you need to know.

Smithsonian Outpost in New York City is especially worth trying out the best construction in its new museum. El Museo includes the waterfront with Latin American and Spanish art, but you have to pay full freight.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

The free overnight stays at the Frick Collection are a relatively new policy, but the day off only makes your visit even better. There are many other free museums in New York City, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, so take a day to see them all.

You don’t have to compete and pay the Met to see some of the world’s greatest works of art, including Leonardo da Vinci, Matisse, and Picasso. On an evening when admission is reduced at your choice, you can also see crafts and great art

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