Christmas Markets: Unique Gifts in New York

With the holiday season in New York City just around the corner, this post lists some of the best and most popular Christmas markets in the city, including routes that will be updated through 2020. 

From November to January, the city hosts a Christmas market, where everything from Christmas trees and decorations to Christmas lights and Christmas music is sold. Whether you like the traditional Christmas tree or a more modern version of the old-fashioned treehouse, it’s a shopping paradise for everyone. 

Many of the markets offer fantastic food and hot drinks and the atmosphere is fun even if you don’t want to shop, but many of them offer free parking. 

Check the websites of the markets to make sure there are no changes to their schedules or locations. There are a number of centrally located Christmas markets in the United States, including New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. 

Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park 

Around the ice rink in the middle of the park is an ice rink, which makes the atmosphere magical with a Christmas tree, Christmas lights, and other decorations. 

This year, a winter village has been set up and there are food stalls and various stalls selling Christmas gifts for those who want money. The market is large enough to offer a range of different types of Christmas trees, Christmas lights, and other decorations as well as a Christmas tree and decorations. 

Bryant Park is a great place for a GPS audio tour of the New York City Christmas markets. Here you will find a variety of Christmas trees, Christmas lights, and other decorations, as well as food stalls and various stalls. 

Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair  

Get to know this historic rail terminal with our free guide to Grand Central Terminal and join us on a paid tour of New York’s Christmas market. We also have a GPS-enabled audio tour version, but it is more expensive than the free one. 

Union Square Holiday Market  

The atmosphere is cheerful and the park is filled with over 100 vendors, and there are a variety of food and beverage providers, as well as children’s games and toys. 

Here you will find everything from handblown glassware to bags and accessories made of recycled plastic and a variety of other items. 

Columbus Circle Holiday Market 

The Columbus Circle Holiday Market is located on the southwest corner of Central Park and has a medium-sized market in the center of the park. There is an ice rink at the Central, which is open to the public on Christmas Eve from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

There are stalls serving mulled wine and German beer, and you can treat yourself to hot cocoa and gingerbread while browsing the stalls. 

This three-day craft market takes place in one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the country and showcases the best craftsmen in a truly divine atmosphere. Take a tour of Central Park starting at the next market, or read our Central Park Guide to learn more about the market and its history. 

Crafts at St. John’s the Divine Cathedral

St. John the Divine is located in Morningside Heights, and for Seinfeld fans, the outdoor space used as the gang’s cafe is just a short walk away. The items presented here are funkier than in other markets, as they are made by emerging artists. Check out our guide to New York City attractions for a list of the best Christmas markets in the United States and around the world. 

Artists and Fleas at Chelsea Market 

Learn more about Chelsea Market during your visit, as well as the history of the market and its history in New York City, in our guide to the best Christmas markets in the world. 

The following are some of the most accessible for visitors to the city but join the Highline Chelsea Tour to meet your schedule. Be sure to read our Brooklyn City Guide and have a piece to help us guide you through this huge and interesting shopping city. 

During the winter season, including the holidays, there is usually a flea market, and if you like the idea of a little fun in the middle of New York City, the Brooklyn Flea is a must. 

You can find directions and other information on their website, and you can also find the Brooklyn flea market on their website and Facebook page. 

These amazing Christmas markets are a great place to visit for some good mood and unique items. Be sure to have them on your shopping list!

Need more Christmas good mood? Head to Central Park! And don’t forget Broadway!

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