Best Christmas Shows on Broadway!

With some unusual shows incorporating Yuletide into the plot, here are the best Christmas shows on Broadway that will certainly get you in the holiday mood, and some that aren’t. 


Warbucks offers to be her father and she accepts the offer, but we finally learn that he has died. Since she wants to adopt another child, Daddy Warbucks launches a nationwide search for her. Annie, a brave orphan who finds a new home with a wealthy billionaire, begins her search for her real father. 

Billy Elliott: The Musical

A little boy growing up in a mining community wants to be a dancer, but he has to show his family what his passion is and show them his passions. A number by Elton John and Lee Hall is accompanied by giant caricatured puppets and scorned songs. The 1984-85 strike by the British miners is giving everyone involved a difficult Christmas. The strikers gather in the local union hall, where the children perform a Christmas show and sing “Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher.” 

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

A good little whorehouse in Texas may seem like an unlikely place to find Christmas music, but it’s one of the strongest holiday-themed showtunes to be played on the Broadway stage. 

When Dolly Parton recorded the song for the film version in 1982, it found a wider audience, but did you know that the film was set after the death of the holidays? When Miss Mona learns that the Texas government is closing down, she and her staff have to say goodbye with this heartbreaking number. The musical adaptation of “A Christmas Story” has a great cast, great music and some great performances from cast and crew. One boy, Ralphie, is working to get Santa to bring him one, but he’s still waiting. 


Will Ferrell has been a fixture on the holiday circuit since its 2003 release, and “A Christmas Story” had a limited run on Broadway in 2012, then became a television movie. 

In 2012, the script was adapted for the Broadway stage and produced as a musical about a toy company that makes laughing dolls for Christmas Eve and Christmas and other holidays. 


Flahooley also launched Barbara Cook’s Broadway career with her performance in the 2009 Broadway production of “A Christmas Carol.” The New York Times and decided to tackle the story of the famous parade with the help of his friend and co-producer on Broadway, David Fincher, and an actor cast. 

Holiday Inn

The 1942 film “The Holiday Inn” tells the story of a retired actor who opens a Connecticut inn that is only open during the holidays. Willson wrote the song in 1951, and friends who performed in New York reenacted the action they took to get it. Here’s a look back at “Love,” which opened in 1963 and ran for just over a year. In the late 50s and early 60s, it started to look like Christmas with Christmas lights, Christmas tree and Christmas music. 

The highlight of the film was, of course, “A White Christmas,” which won an Oscar for best song. The score is by Irving Berlin, the most holiday-bound composer in the history of music theatre, and the composer of “The Nutcracker. 

I Love My Wife

A Christmas dinner between two married couples turns into a foursome, with comedic implications and thoughtful moments. Swinging is fashionable, but the holiday scene in which married people in Trenton, New Jersey, exchange ideas may have very little to do with Christmas. The Holiday Inn made it to Broadway with the Roundabout Theatre Company and became a stage musical in 2016. Love your wife “was written in 1977 and includes a score by Cy Coleman and Michael Stewart, so it was born at a different time. 

As fans of Broadway musicals, we have a lot of Christmas in us, and we all need a bit of that. These Christmas shows on Broadway are an excellent way to celebrate the upcoming holidays!

Christmas must be flashy and colorful!

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