Best Christmas Movies: Holiday Mood on Screen

Home Alone is a classic Christmas hit, even if it’s not the biggest thing that could happen to Macaulay Culkin. A burglar tries to break into poor Kevin’s home while his family desperately tries to return to America. Christmas is all about the movies, and of course, we are all in the Christmas spirit, but we cannot afford to see them all with family and friends. Here we take a here – and now – and recall some gems from the best Christmas movies.

Home Alone

The picture Kevin finds of Buzzy’s girlfriend when he raids his big brother’s room is actually of a wig – with a boy, but the director has found a real girl to use for the scene. Kevin defends himself with a tarantula and an artfully crafted cardboard box. 

It’s A Wonderful Life

The film’s main message is what we all like to be reminded of at Christmas: love makes you rich, but not all guardian angels exist. The story revolves around George Bailey, a local businessman who is shown what life would be like without him, and that life is so much better than it would be without a guardian angel. George, having seen the life that would have been without him, recognizes the positive impact he had on his small town. It’s a wonderful life that proved timeless when it was first released And it’s still one of the best Christmas movies. 

The Snowman

The makers of the wonderful life make snow with soap, water, and foam, but the flakes make too much noise, so they have to make it white, like a film of cornflakes. 

The Snowman is a magical but simplistic film full of heart, humor, and a great story about the power of love, friendship, and family. It is great to watch on Christmas Eve and the creation was awarded an Academy Technical Achievement Award in 1948 for its creation. This animated film was a huge family hit, with a story set in a stunning image of the magical world and its fascinating music that can calm even the hyperactive and excited children and let them sleep quietly until Santa arrives. 

Aled Jones did not sing the film from the off-key song “Walk in the Air” – but Peter Auty sang it and it was released three years later in 1985. 

Die Hard

Of course, some people will disagree that Death is a Christmas movie, but it still has a strong Christmas theme. Many Christmas trees are also seen in the midst of the shooting, and a terrorist in a Santa suit. 

Hard, the body count is just 18, but in Die 2 it reaches a staggering height of 164. Although I’m not sure if evil has to be the ultimate Christmas theme, I see this as a film that should be a Christmas movie, not just a horror movie. 

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

While Chevy Chase is the star of the show, this film is more of a comedy than a horror movie in the traditional sense. Aside from the goofball slapstick on that front, Griswold’s Christmas movie delivers on every other goofball and slapstick. 

Usually, the Griswolds can make their family the perfect Christmas, but in this scene, someone falls off the roof, falls off the ceiling, catastrophically sets something on fire and falls through a roof. But as other National Lampoon films have shown, the harder you try, the worse the day forgets. 

Remember the Griswolds house, and if you do, you are probably aware that Murtagh’s house was used in Lethal Weapon. 

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Don’t forget that Broadway provides excellent Christmas shows on stage! And the atmosphere in Central Park is amazing during the holidays!

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